Detective In Training

Welcome to my blog! I'm Ely. 20. Malta. Superwholockian. Book and tea addict. Full time Johnlocked Sherlockian and a Benaddict till the end of days. Also - Supernatural (which is now my life, but believe me I'm trying to keep this a Sherlock blog), Doctor Who, Hannibal, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings (needless to add - The Hobbit), Harry Potter, other Sherlock versions, Les Mis and The Avengers (and all DC and Marvel...well...marvels), besides the odd curiosities and shows (think Criminal Minds, and kittens).

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I just realized that I am a Superwholock fan, without ever having watched more than a few episodes of Supernatural or Dr Who. Yet I ship them. With all my heart. Forever. 


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